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Afghanistan inspired Combat Flip Flops is based out of the Issaquah, Wash. garage workshop of former U.S Army Ranger Captain Matthew "Griff" Griffin

Former U.S Army Ranger Captain Matthew "Griff" Griffin (center) and partners former fellow Ranger Donald Lee (left) and civilian businessman Andy Sewrey (right) are pictured in front of an American Flag mural painted in honor of veterans in Bellevue, Wash. on Feb. 5, 2016 as the group and their supporters prepare to watch the ABC television premiere of Shark Tank that features their company. Here, "Griff" wears a pair of his company's flagship "AK-47" model flip-flops while all three men wear Afghan war zone inspired "Shemaghs," men's scarves, which they also make in Kabul. A portion of every sale goes to charity.